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2 Sheets Natural Series Simple PVC Transfer Stickers for Journal decoration

2 Sheets Natural Series Simple PVC Transfer Stickers for Journal decoration

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About PVC Transfer stickers:

The 2 Sheets Natural Series Simple PVC Transfer Stickers offer nature-inspired designs, easy transfer process, and versatile usage for journal decoration. Made from high-quality PVC material, they ensure durability and provide a relaxing atmosphere through their soothing color palette. 

  • Suitable for Different Journaling Styles: Whether you prefer minimalist, bullet journaling, or more elaborate and artistic styles, these transfer stickers can effortlessly adapt to your journaling preferences. They can serve as focal points in a minimalist spread or as delicate accents in a more intricate and layered design.

  • Two Sheets for Ample Options: The set includes two sheets of transfer stickers, giving you a wide variety of designs and options to choose from. With multiple stickers at your disposal, you can mix and match different elements to create unique combinations that suit your journaling needs.

  • Express Your Connection with Nature: These Natural Series Simple PVC Transfer Stickers provide a means for you to express your love for nature and the outdoors through your journal decoration. Whether you're documenting hikes, nature walks, or simply seeking inspiration from the natural world, these stickers serve as a beautiful reminder of your connection to nature.

These are transfer stickers, how to use:
1. Cut out the sticker
2. Take off the backing sticker
3. Paste it on the surface where you want the sticker to be
4. Flatten it properly
6. Peel off the top pvc layer

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